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Desktop computer: AT&T PC7300
Rubriek Het Museum
Fabrikant Olivetti AT&T
Olivetti AT&T logo.png
Model PC7300
Naam AT&T PC7300
Type Desktop computer
Serial# 370429020 000809
Architectuur 68k
OS AT&T Unix 3
IP Address
DECnet Address
MAC Address
Eigenaar Museum
Status Schoongemaakt, Demonstrabel
Locatie Het Museum
Herkomst DND
Datum opname collectie augustus 9, 2014
Hardware Olivetti AT&T PC 7300 picture.jpg
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The 3B1 (also known as the PC7300, or Unix PC) was a Unix workstation computer originally developed by Convergent Technologies (later acquired by Unisys), and marketed by AT&T in the mid- to late-1980s. Despite the name, the 3B1 had little in common with AT&T's other 3B-series computers.

(source: Wikipedia)

Hardware configuration

  • 10 MHz Motorola MC68010 (16 bit external bus, 32 bit internal) with custom, discrete MMU
  • Floppy disk drive
  • Internal MFM hard drive, originally 10 MB[3], later models with up to 67 MB
  • 1024K RAM on main board
  • 3 expansion slots
  • Monochrome green phosphor 10-inch (250 mm) monitor
  • Internal 300/1200 bit/s modem
AT&T Front view