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socializing/visit: OSAA-invasion
Naam OSAA-invasion
Locatie Hack42
Datum maart 24, 2016 01:00:00 - maart 27, 2016 00:00:00
Contact Moem
Info Members of Open Space Aarhus come to visit
Voorzitter OSAA
Aarhus.png File:Aarhus.png

Springtime brings a Danish Viking invasion to Arnhem! Five members of OSAA (Open Space Aarhus) will be visiting us over the Easter weekend. They will arrive Thursday evening and leave Monday morning; they are staying in an AirBnB but will of course enjoy spending a pleasant time at Hack42 with all of us. So come by and make new friends!
Because these Vikings are truly coming as friends, and with the best of intentions, they have told us they also want to help us make the space more awesome. So we could definitely plan some constructive activities. If you have ideas, please share. This activity is a work in progress.

Planning so far, more will be added as we know it:

  • Thursday evening: time to meet&greet and socialize at Hack42.
  • Friday:
  • 19:00 Indonesisch eten. (Wil je meedoen, geef je op!).
  • After that: Presentation about OSAA.
  • Geocaching presentation.
  • Our Danish friends will show us how to make Konfekt (= Danish sweets).
  • Saturday:
  • Danish delegation visits the Bunker around 16:00.
  • Moem makes erwtensoep which will be served in the space around 18:30
  • Sunday:
  • If there is interest, a Geocaching expedition. But the weather doesn't look good, so there's another option...
  • In the space: painting the Makerlab.
  • Food: TBD, we may simply order pizza or go and have pancakes.


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