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Workshop: Make your own spork
Giant Spork.jpg
Naam Make your own spork
Locatie Hack42
Datum Jan 13 1337 13:37:00
Contact CookieMonster
Info Maak je eigen titanium spork
Voorzitter Peter
Giant_Spork.jpg File:Giant_Spork.jpg

Doe mee met deze workshop en maak je eigen titanium spork! Omdat we de workshop op OHM2013 helaas hebben gemist, gaan we het gewoon zelluf doen. We hebben de tools, we hebben een Peter, dus... waarom niet?


Onze workshop is gebaseerd op de workshop "Make your own spork" die door Jarkman werd gehouden op OHM2013. De workshop hebben we gemist, maar we hebben wel de originele instructies (PDF-versie):

Titanium Spork Checklist

  1. Design your spork, on a bit of card. The bits of card are about the same size as the bits of titanium, so go as close to the edges as you like. if you want a symmetrical spork, fold the card in half longways. Our metal is thin, so don’t make the handle part too narrow!
  2. Cut the pattern out of the card with scissors.
  3. Draw round the pattern onto a bit of metal with a Sharpie.
  4. Cut along the line with tinsnips, take care that you don’t leave pointy bits when you change direction, and if you do leave pointy bits take care you don’t cut your hands on them. If the cut is going wrong, stop outside the line - you can always file metal off later.
  5. Hold the metal in a hand-vice and file off the pointy bits you tried not to make, and file back to the outline you want. Also file the edges smooth. Use a needle file to tidy up round the fork tines. Remember, a file only works when you push it, not when you pull it.
  6. Use the file at 45 degrees to get rid of the burrs on the edge of the metal. You want a smooth, rounded edge.
  7. Use a bit of wet&dry paper wrapped round a rubber block to smooth all the edges.
  8. Use the Garryflex block or a bit of wet&dry to clean the surfaces of the metal. If you don’t clean off all the oxide now, your spork won’t be shiny at the end.
  9. Hold the bowl of your spork over the hole in the wooden block<ref>Hardhouten blok met uitgevijlde/uitgefreesde lepelvormige uitholling</ref> and dome it with the ball pein of a hammer. Move the metal around over the hole to dome it evenly. Then do the bowl at the other end, probably from the other side.
  10. Use the flat face of the hammer and a ball stake to planish all over the spork. You want to completely cover the surface with hammer marks. This makes the metal shiny and hard.
  11. With the Sharpie, draw lines along your spork handle where you want to put the stiffening grooves.
  12. Use the plastic punch and rubber block<ref>Kan ook een hardhouten blok met een uitgevijlde groef zijn</ref> and lump hammer (not a shiny hammer!) to form the grooves. Get someone else to hold your spork still on the rubber block.
  13. Use a bit of Autosol on paper towel to polish your spork all over, then wash it.
  14. Your spork is finished. Eat with pride.

Gereedschap en hulpmiddelen

<references />

Garryflex block fijnkorrelig, flexibel schuurblok
Wet&dry watervast, fijnkorrelig schuurpapier
Ball peen hammer bolhamer
Ball stake bolvormig aambeeld/doorn
Plastic punch kunststof drevel, waarschijnlijk met een beitelvormig uiteinde

We hebben inmiddels:

een houten blok met holte, moet nog verder worden bewerkt
een trekhaak, geschikt als ball stake