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Workstation: HP 9000/340CH
Rubriek Opslag
Fabrikant HP
HP logo.png
Model 98571G
Naam HP 9000/340CH
Type Workstation
Serial# 2845G07177
Architectuur 68k MC68030
OS HP-UX 300
IP Address
DECnet Address
MAC Address
Eigenaar Museum
Status Shows POST on display, seems to want to boot
Locatie Gang
Herkomst DND
Datum opname collectie augustus 9, 2014
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This model is a 2D Color Workstation with these specifications:

  • MC68030 CPU at 16.67 MHz
  • MC68882 Floating-Point Coprocessor
  • Parity-Checking RAM Controller
    • 3 x 4Mbytes RAM
  • HP-IB (IEEE-488) Interface with two-channel DMA controller
  • RS-232C Serial Interface with DB25 connector
  • HP-HIL Interface
  • DIO-1 Interface slot
    • 98625B Fast HP-IB Interface
  • 98550-66572 High resolution (1280x1024) Color Interface

2D Color Workstation; includes: SPU with High-Res Color Graphics (1280 by 1(24) and 4 Mbytes RAM.