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Project: bLEnDer
BLEnDer Picture.jpg


Naam bLEnDer
Door Lurwah
Status Hacktief
Madskillz Sawing, Soldering, Glueing
Doel / Omschrijving
A project made for Hacktiviteit combining a LED fan and a broken blender.
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To get the Hacktivity started at Hack42 I decided to go for it and build the idea I had spinning around in my head (pun very much intended).

Blender + LED fan = HELL YEAH!
Cheap fan; less money, more fun!

I bought this very cheap fan with an LED strip at a local store (Action) for fun and I happened to have an old blender lying around being useless; I thought to myself: why not combine the two?!

Annoying, but it didn't stop me (for long).

After drilling through some sort of safety screw (to prevent me from opening the blender) I, well, opened the blender... Next followed 10 minutes of hacking away at the guts to make enough room for the fan, while making sure I kept the motor (<-definitely reusable) and all exterior parts in one piece.

Still looks like a blender, but we know it isn't.

Now that I had enough room in the blender for the fan I took apart its casing for a test fit. Perfect! With a little help from BugBlue I figured out which wire should go where so that I could start the fan with the original switch in the blender. I also soldered in some connectors so that I could power the device with a battery that we had in the hackerspace's stash.


Another test, and, unbelievably, it worked! Immediately! Somehow I managed to hot-glue the fan in place and screw the entire bLEnDer together while giggling like a little child. Now all that was left was to take some "Finished!" pics and a short video...


...And, of course, the CHALLENGE: I already announced my intention of organizing a periodical Hacktivity, but now I'd like you to follow my lead, get started with this warm-up, use your LED fan and get ready for Hack42's first ever, real, HACKTIVITY!